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Important information if you have a Personal Injury

In most personal injury cases, one has two years to file his or her complaint for damages. However, it is important to seek out a lawyer as soon as possible. Many personal injury cases settle well before the two year statute of limitations lapses.

A good lawyer may settle your case quickly, but be careful. Look for a lawyer like myself, that is willing to go the distance all the way to trial. Do not settle your case if you are not comfortable with the settlement amount.  Your settlement should include the cost of your physical damages, lost wages (both present and future), future expenses like nursing care, electric wheel chairs, medicine, loss of quality of life, and the like.

Remember, you are in charge and must approve all settlements. Therefore, you must choose a lawyer ready and willing to try your case.   Keep in mind, it is true that some cases are not triable cases.

Choose a lawyer who can tell you if your case is a triable case, one that will take the time to tell why or why not your case is triable. That means you need an experienced lawyer in the field of personal injury. I have handled many personal injury cases with excellent results. Of course, I am selective on whether or not to take on a case. Some cases are not that profitable for the client, and the client loses money. Filing fees, service fees, deposition fees, expert witness fees and many other fees are born by the client. The settlement amount must be large enough to cover these fees and to reimburse the client for the damages he suffered and will suffer in the future.Because of this, many insurance companies immediately contact an injured client with a low settlement fee.   Do not speak to any insurance company, before you speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.  To do otherwise is foolish.

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